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Electric meterThe Best NO-Fee Energy Brokerage Service For You!

If you are a brick-n-mortar business owner and live in one of the deregulated states where you can choose your own energy provider, the services on this site alone could save you a LOT of money! Shopping for the best energy price can be very time consuming and tedious, taking you away from other more important areas in running your business and as they say, ‘time is money’. Let us help you and at NO-FEE, regardless of the provider you choose. Whether you are a small ‘mom and pop’ store or a corporation with multiple locations, we can help you and again, NO-FEE to you! It just makes sense for you to save money and get the best priceand THAT’s what we do!


High Tech or High Touch – the Choice Is Yours

Some business owners want to have their hands in the middle of selecting the best deal involving their energy costs, others simply don’t have the time needed to deal with it. So, whether you download this LOA form and fax back to us to work up a quote for you or want to use our online DIY system, (may not be available in all deregulated states) the choice is yours to make. If you are able to use the online system and if your business is a high energy consumption business, you may want to consider the Reverse Auction feature as shown below. Read on.

Why choose us?

  • We shop a wide variety of energy providers for you, saving you time and leg-work and freeing you up to attend to what is most important to you in growing your business.
  • Getting you the best price is our #1 goal. After all, regardless of the energy provider you choose, the lights won’t be any brighter and the coffee won’t percolate any faster so our main goal is to get you the lowest price available for your energy – period.
  • NO FEE to you. Consider us your ‘unpaid employee’ whose sole purpose is to find you the best price for your energy needs – period. We are paid by the energy service providers so from the leg-work on getting you a quick and reliable quote to the signing of the contract to lock in your lowest price quote, you will never receive a bill from us, regardless of which energy company you choose from our provided services.
  • Support your favorite charity at NO additional cost. We believe in helping those that cannot help themselves so we will donate a portion of the profit made from your contracted services to your favorite charity.
  • Brokerage services is best approach - as the owner of aPUREway was a former B2B rep for an energy company himself, he found by experience every time he was competing for a business’s energy and that business was using a broker, he lost the bid to the broker every-single-time, without fail. With a passion to truly help people, he’s taken what he’s learned along with that passion to create aPUREway Energy Brokerage to help YOU get the best deal for your businesses energy needs.

Our aim is to be the best energy broker available and that takes a Personal, Uncompromising, Responsible and Educational (PURE) approach to helping our customers! That’s our commitment to you and why this website was created!

Depending on where you live, this site is geared to go in one of two directions and either way, it’s YOUR call.

  • One way is to let us work up a quote for you and freeing up your time to do what you do best – running your business!
  • The other way is an online DIY system for those that like to do their own research and (where available) do their own footwork online through our automated DIY system.

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The DIY system also includes a Reverse Auction option for those in certain states and areas that are interested in submitting their information online and letting the energy companies bid for your immediate business!

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