The backbone and foundation of this nation (and the world for that matter) is small businesses and yet it can be stressful and confusing at times in starting a small business.  Where do you go and get the help you need on a shoe-string budget?  We are here to help in a simple and PURE way.


Ever feel this way?

As a small business owner you may have already gone through many of the same trial and errors as other entrepreneurs have and found ways that work and ways that do not and also been taken advantage of by the hype of dishonest people.  You may have lost lots of time, money and energy by a series of bad decisions and bad advice.  You want to accomplish so much and grow quickly but only have so much money to work with, right?!



You’ve come to the right place!

We can help you!

We are here to help YOU!

Often, getting with the right people that can help you can make all the difference in the world

 Click on the links below to find out more information about these services;

  • Electrical / Gas Energy Brokerage (only available in deregulated states) – for brick and mortar businesses

  • Business Tools - such as training and small business tools and resources to help you build your business.

  • Our Charity Support Program – a portion of the proceeds of contracted services offered is given to help those less fortunate.  You can select from our list OR write in your  own favorite traditional family friendly charity to receive donations – all at NO extra charge.


“If you want something new or better in your life, ‘change’ is always its forerunner.  If you will not accept ‘change’ then you forfeit the benefits that follow it.”   - Walter Little, Entrepreneur